Ted Kennedy’s seat lost to Wall St.?

Its getting late here now, but I am hearing from informed sources in the US that the Democrat candidate in Ted Kennedy’s seat is already blaming President Obama. for the loss of the ultra-safe Democratic seats.

“We were hurt by White House Failure to confront Wall St.” says the candidate’s pollster.

Celinda Lake pointed to polling released by the Economic Policy Institute showing that 65 percent of Americans though the stimulus served banks interests, 56 percent thought it served corporations and only ten percent that it benefited them.

If the Democrats lose this seat, they lose healthcare, according to my sources – because they need 60 senators to the Republican 40 to get healthcare through the Senate. 59 to 41 will not do it.

Of course the polls are not closed yet – but Wall St. is confident. The Dow shot up 106.7 points.

Is there still time for Labour to learn from the spectacular misjudgement of a President considered the most sophisticated of politicians?

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