Left Future?

10 May, 2010.

Does the Left in Britain have a future?

Michael Meacher MP has launched a new website – Left Futures – ‘to refresh Labour’s moribund grass roots’, and yours truly has posted there.

Meacher argues that ‘the current economic crisis’ presents the Left with an ‘intellectual opportunity’.

Let’s see if it turns out thus, or is just another load of hot air….

Watch this space…..

2 comments to Left Future?

  • the.Duke.of.URL

    Ann, broken link. As least for my system.

  • the.Duke.of.URL

    Could it be that the only way to save the Labour Party is to partially destroy it or, rather, alow it to be partially destroyed by its own? Miliband, the younger, is I think disappointingly misguided here. I had begun to think that he was an improvement on his brother. I wonder what Ed’s father would have thought about his stance, or at least as it appears to be, in this negotiation with the LibDems.

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