Ann Pettifor is Director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME), an economic think-tank that promotes understanding of the nature of credit, and its role in determining macroeconomic outcomes. Fundamental to our approach is an implicit and explicit restoration of ethics in relation to money and credit.

Ann is Executive Director of Advocacy International Ltd (Ai), an advocacy, design and solutions firm established in 2004. Ai consults with organisations and governments on debt and finance, climate change, international development and health.

Ann has been a fellow of the new economics foundation since 2003 and is a co-author of the Green New Deal.

For more information about working with Ann and Advocacy International, and inquiries regarding Ann Pettifor’s speaking and media schedule, please email:

Phone: +44 788 261 0000.

To contact Ann Pettifor about nef’s Green new Deal, please email Ruth Potts at