A wake-up call from Vultures

24 February, 2010

In the international financial system, the Rule of Law seldom applies.

It is in this context that a wake of vultures (for that is the collective noun) hovers over weakened debtor nations as diverse as the Congo, Iceland, Greece and Portugal and operate within weak international law.

They are international creditors, and their presence reminds us once again of the urgent need for governments to co-operate to devise international law to protect effectively insolvent sovereign nations from rapacious creditors. In just the same way that e.g. the US’s Chapter 11 protects insolvent companies from creditors.

Professor Kunibert Raffer of the University of Vienna has long argued for a framework for sovereign nations that simulates Chapter 9 of the US Legal code by protecting American governmental bodies (such as City governments) and their citizens from predatory creditors in the event of insolvency.

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