De-leveraging climate temp. & mortgage debt

11th October, 2008.

I have had an extraordinary day today, at an event in Bristol organised by the Schumacher SocietyFritz Schumacher – of Small is Beautiful fame – died in 1977, and the Society was formed just thirty years ago, in 1978.  Today’s event was hosted by Diana Schumacher and Jonathon Porritt.  I was honoured to share a platform with Bill McKibben the great leader of the Green movement in the United States, and brilliant strategist behind the 350 campaign.

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Why the bail-out would not work… on BBC News Online

Monday, 29 September, 2008.

Is Warren Buffett right? If this bail-out had been passed by congress, would it have halted the meltdown?

I don’t believe so. Here’s why…

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